Frequently Asked Questions

Our school previously ran the Peer Support Program many years ago. What do we do to start the program again?

We recommend that you send a teacher to an Implementation Workshop.  This will provide the opportunity to understand the concepts underpinning the Peer Support Program and to develop the skills to implement an effective Peer Support Program in your school. Our resources are redeveloped regularly and you will get the opportunity to view these at a Workshop to see if you need t update them.

I have taken over the Peer Support Program for our school. Do i need to attend an Implementation Workshop?

Yes. You will need to attend an Implementation Workshop to learn all about coordinating the program.  You will also have the opportunity to network with other schools at various stages of implementation.  Some schools will have been using the Program for many years, some will be new to the process.

I trained in the Peer Support Program Implementation Workshop more than five years ago. Do I need to attend another Workshop?

Yes. Whilst the philosophy and concepts underpinning the Program have not changed, there have been changes to the structure and resource material available.  We ask schools to renew their training every 5 years in order to familiarise themselves with new developments.  Alternatively it could be useful to send another teacher along so they can support the Peer Support Coordinator in their role.  Some schools train staff every year.

Our school has had someone attend an Implementation Workshop and has purchased resources. What further support can we receive?

You can contact the Education Consultant for your area for telephone consultancy or to arrange a free staff talk, student talk or parent talk (in the Sydney Metropolitan area in school hours).  Interstate schools can access support through Skype or school visits if coordinated around a time when an Implementation Workshop is being held in your area.

Our school wants to implement the Peer Support Anti-Bullying Program. What do we need to do?

Bullying is a complex issue and we recommend that schools have already had the Peer Support Program in their school for a period of time prior to considering the anti-bullying modules.  This proactive process ensures an optimum environment for introducing the anti-bullying modules.  Speak to our Education Consultants who will outline the implementation process.