Strengthen your school’s student wellbeing strategy

Your school has the opportunity to develop your student wellbeing strategy with our help.

Your staff will be led by one of our experienced consultants to discuss whole school wellbeing, embedded in a Peer Support approach.

We facilitate staff development across a half or full day session. This includes:

  • Identifying ‘map and gap’ opportunities in your school’s wellbeing plan and activities.
  • Focusing on connectedness, empowerment, student voice and agency.
  • Refining your school’s vision for mental health and whole school wellbeing.
  • Developing a plan that enhances a positive school culture.

Our approach to whole-of-school wellbeing is embedded in strong peer-to-peer relationships. This is backed by more than 50 years of Peer Support practice and research.

whole school wellbeing consultation

Develop your student wellbeing strategy in a one-day workshop

We tailor the consulting package to suit your school’s needs, with all consultations including:

  • Assessment: Conduct a ‘mapping and gapping’ session, including a review of your school’s wellbeing strategy, with your executive or wellbeing team. This may involve a Peer Support pre and post-evaluation package. (Online: 1 – 3 hours)
  • Training: Engage in a professional development workshop led by one of our Wellbeing Education Consultants, focusing on a whole school wellbeing approach, with Peer Support Program implementation training. (Full or half day: in person)
  • Check-in: Schedule a follow-up meeting with key staff members to review and discuss your school’s wellbeing progress. (Online: 1 – 2 hours)
  • Evaluation: We share outcomes and recommendations with you.

Investment: Student Wellbeing Strategy Consultation

  • Full-day session: $5,500 (incl GST)* + travel costs

*Members’ price

Travel expenses will be added if your school is outside of Sydney metro. Our consultants travel from Sydney.