Starting High School

Starting high school

Find articles with tips and insights for supporting students as they transition from Year 6 to Year 7. Do you want to use our program to support the transition? Find out about running the Peer Support program at your high school here.

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Research: Students’ resilience boosted by a sense of belonging

A sense of belonging helps students face academic challenges.

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Connection at high school helps prevent anxiety and depression

Researchers look at school connectedness and mental health.

Peer Support Program at high school

5 tips for running Peer Support at high school

Our Wellbeing Education Consultants share their tips for running a successful program.

A group of students starting high school

Starting high school: how to help students transition

Focus on emotional and social needs from the outset.

Peer Support in High School

Peer Support helps your incoming students transition into high school.

Ebook: Starting High School

Download our guide for high school teachers with ideas for supporting students in their transition to high school.

Starting High School Videos

Watch our videos about starting High School.

two students from the peer support in high school program