Peer Support Program

Peer Support Program

Find articles about our signature program on this page. We want every school student in Australia to feel a sense of belonging, socially connected, self-confident, and optimistic about the future. If you want details about how the program works, check out ‘what is Peer Support?

Peer Leader training is for every student.

Peer Leader training: An opportunity to empower all students

Peer Support provides a leadership model that includes all students.

Student wellbeing programs in schools

Student wellbeing programs in schools: what the research says

Two large studies on student wellbeing programs support Peer Support.

teaching resilience

Teaching resilience to primary school students with Peer Support

Resilience is a skill that can be nurtured with the help of our program.

Group of primary school students from across grades in their Peer Support group.

Peer Support in primary school: 6 tips for running your program

Sophie Sedgwick shares her insights on how to get the most out of your program.

Peer Support Program at high school

5 tips for running Peer Support at high school

Our Wellbeing Education Consultants share their tips for running a successful program.

Kids sit around a table engaged in the Peer Support Program

4 ways the Peer Support Program boosts student wellbeing

Our program grows student connections, empowers young people and builds resilience.

two students from the peer support in high school program

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