Peer Support in primary schools

The Peer Support Program provides an opportunity to build strong relationships across your primary school.

The Peer Support Program is an opportunity for your senior students to take on leadership roles, empowering pairs of Year 6 students to lead small groups of students from across the entire school.

The program builds connections across the school community, while also teaching students a range of social and emotional literacy skills. Students have an opportunity to practise these skills in a safe space.

Choose a wellbeing topic to suit your primary school

Schools run one module each year, and choose a topic that best suits their needs. Each module includes eight sessions of 30-minutes each, designed to be run weekly across eight weeks, led by your Peer Leaders.

There are four core modules, and six supplementary resources to support students’ wellbeing across the year with your students.

The modules available to primary schools include:

  • Keeping Friends: Develop positive relationships
  • Stronger Together: Create an anti-bullying culture
  • Living Positively: Think optimistically
  • Moving Forward: Build resilience

Support student wellbeing beyond the 8-week program

Additional primary school resources include a range of activities to support students’ wellbeing that can be run any time. These are led by either a teacher or Peer Leader. The choice is yours.

  • Planning Our Paths: Build resilience
  • Connections: Support healthy relationships
  • Positive Directions: Explore positive thinking and emotions
  • Supporting Change: Prepare for high school
  • Great Transitions: This is a peer-led or teacher-led resource that supports transition and change
  • Passport To Belonging: Support connection and belonging

Peer Support provides training to your coordinating teacher and access to all our resources, once you become a member.

Primary school students and teachers from Oxley Park Public School share their experiences of running peer support in primary schools.

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