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Student Representative Council

Your Student Representative Council (SRC) plays a vital role in amplifying student voice, empowering young people to shape their school and community, and fostering a sense of ownership and agency.

Are you a teacher responsible for coordinating your school’s SRC?

Join our two-hour online workshop designed for SRC coordinators to explore strategies for building a successful Student Representative Council. Engage in discussions with fellow educators to exchange SRC success stories and innovative school activities.

Participants will receive a one-day training program to run with your SRC members, designed to equip students with a range of skills necessary for an effective Student Representative Council.

Upcoming Student Representative Council workshops

Our next online workshop for SRC coordinators is:

6 June 2024, 10 am to 12 pm AEST

Book an SRC workshop

Learn how to actively build your students’ leadership capabilities. Create a student voice that becomes a vital part of your school’s wellbeing strategy.

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