Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an important part of your student voice. They empower students to influence and change their school and community, providing students with a sense of ownership and agency.

The value of SRCs in schools is supported by a large bank of research showing the benefits of student voice and engagement, in everything from student wellbeing to learning outcomes.

Are you an SRC coordinator? Join our Student Representative Council training

Are you a teacher responsible for managing your school’s SRC?

Join our two-hour online workshop for SRC coordinators to learn a best practice approach to your school’s Student Representative Council.

Learn how to form and run your school SRC. Plus join in the discussion with other teachers about their SRC experiences and the activities used at their schools.

Participants also receive a one-day training program to run with their SRC members.

Looking to order SRC member badges?

We have SRC member badges available for all schools to purchase for $4.95 each + GST and standard postage.

The premium enamel and metal badges are the perfect way to recognise the members of your SRC.