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New to Peer Support? Here’s how to implement the Peer Support Program at your school

Implementing and running the Peer Support Program is simple. And the impact on your students and school culture will last for years to come. 

Our training model builds capacity for your school to own and deliver the program. Your school then licences the resources for 12-months for a nominal annual fee. The membership licence includes unlimited access to our online portal, which includes all program resources. Once you have introduced Peer Support to your school, you can renew your membership annually for $250+GST.

Investment: Peer Support Program

$1,000+GST, which includes:

  • A training place at one of our online workshops. Your Peer Support Coordinator will learn how to implement and run the program, and receive three years’ accreditation.  
  • A 12-month licence to use the Peer Support resources.
  • Unlimited access to our full library of program resources on the members’ portal. (See details below.)
  • One-on-one support provided by your Peer Support consultant to assist you introducing the program to your school. 
  • A certificate to display at your school and a digital badge to publish on your school’s website, which shows you’re an accredited Peer Support school. 

Peer Support is an program that you can run every year with your students. The annual fee to access and license the program resources is $250+GST. You also need to have at least one Peer Support Coordinator who has attended our training in the past three years — training is included for one teacher in the introductory package.

Access program resources via the online members portal

Here’s what to expect in the online members’ portal:

  • Primary schools will get access to a program manual, Peer Leader training guide, resources for four different 8-week modules (resilience, anti-bullying, optimism, positive relationships), and 6 themes (resilience, positive relationships, positive thinking, preparing for high school, managing change, and belonging) full of activities to use across the year. 
  • High schools will get access to a program manual, Peer Leader training guide, a framework and activities for supporting students starting high school, and two different 8-week modules (anti-bullying and resilience) and 3 themes, including resilience, relationships and managing change.

5 steps to implement the Peer Support Program at your school

Here are the steps to signing-up and becoming an accredited Peer Support school.

Step 1: Register online and book into a workshop

Complete the form by clicking the register button below. You will be asked to reserve your place at our two-hour online workshop. These are delivered regularly over the year. 

You also have the option of upgrading to a one-day workshop delivered face-to-face for an additional $200+GST

You can also book in additional teachers for $300+GST per teacher (online) or $500+GST (face-to-face). 

This training is valid for three years, meaning your Peer Support Coordinator will be accredited to implement and run the program for three years.

Step 2: Complete your payment

After you’ve registered online, we will email you an invoice within 48 hours. This goes to your school’s admin email address, and the email address provided in the registration form. Once we receive your payment, you will gain access to the members’ portal.

Step 3: Login to the members’ portal

You will receive an email with your membership login details once you have registered and paid for your membership. The portal gives you access to the resources you need to run the program.

Your membership licence is valid for 12-months, and you will be given the opportunity to renew it before it expires. We will let you know when your annual licence renewal is due.

Step 4: Attend training

The teacher who is responsible for the program at your school – your Peer Support Coordinator – attends an implementation workshop. They will learn everything they need to know to implement and run the program during the two-hour workshop, which is interactive and informative. 

You will select a workshop date when you register.

Step 5: Implement and run the program

You’re ready to go. We can support you to implement the program and answer any questions. Our Wellbeing Education Consultants are only a phone call or email away. and can provide you all the support you need to feel confident in implementing the Peer Support Program in your school. Now you just need to decide the finer details of your program, such as which module to run, when to run it, and how to group your students.

Most schools continue to run the program beyond the first year, and for many years to come. You will be invited to renew your membership before it’s due to expire in 12 months. The current renewal fee is $250+GST.