Brain Bites

Brain Bites

Professor John Toumbourou is Chair of Health Pyschology at the Centre of Social and Early Emotional Development at Deakin University. He talks about various topics related to student mental health and wellbeing in this series of short videos.

Screen time for kids

How much screen time should your kids have. Professor John Toumbourou talks about how to manage and structure your kids' screen time.

Anxiety in kids

How can help kids who worry too much. Professor John Toumbourou discusses what anxiety in kids looks like and how adults can support children to manage ther anxiety.

Fostering healthy relationships with Peer Support

Professor John Toumbourour talks about how the Peer Support Program fosters healthy relationships at school, supporting the mental health and wellbeing of kids and young people. .

How Peer Support develops friendship skills

Professor John Toumbourou explains the importance of building long-lasting friendships during students' school years and how our program's module, Keeping Friends, supports students develop strong peer relationships. .

How to help prevent depression in teens

Teenage depression is now more common than you might think, with 1 out of 4 people getting it before they turn 20. Preventing depression is a more robust way to tackle this challenge both at a school and home level.

How to parent a primary school aged child

How do you help your child develop into a well-adjusted adult. Professor John Toumbourou says parents and carers need to provide safety, love and a nurturing environment.

How to parent a teen

Professor John Toumbourou discusses two approaches for parents and carers to create a positive and loving environment for their teenage children. .

How to raise a resilient child

How do you raise a kid to face the difficulities in life with a positive mindset. Professor John Toumbourou, Australian Psychologist shares his tips.

Inclusion and diversity at school

Professor John Toumbourou shares how to nurture inclusion and diversity at your school, and how it can help shape the future of your students. .

School engagement: How Peer Support can help

Professor John Toumbourou talks about how schools can foster trust and communication between students and teachers. He says the Peer Support Programcan help kids feel engaged at school.

Starting high school with Peer Support.

Professor John Toumbourou discusses the importance of a smooth transition from primary school to high school for student wellbeing. .

Vapes, alcohol and drugs: How to keep teens safe

Professor John Toumbourou shares practical strategies for educators to address the use of vapes, alcohol, and drugs in schools. He emphasises the importance of prevention and education.

Why choose Peer Support?

Not sure on what peer leader program to implement at your school. Watch as Professor John Toumbourou, Australian Psychologist from Deakin University (Melbourne) explains just why Peer Support Australia and implemented across 620+ schools across Australia, and why you need to consider running the program in your school too.

Managing expectations and stress in young people

How much pressure should you put on your teenager to study. Professor John Toumbourou shares his insights on navigating your teen's high-stress periods.