How to join

Join Peer Support school by becoming a member and training teachers to be your Peer Support Coordinator. This gives your school Peer Support accreditation, resource access, support, and annual licensing rights to run our program.

Plan and run Peer Support at your school

The Peer Support Program is run by your school under a licensing model with Peer Support Australia. We provide the training, resources, support and licence needed to plan and run the program.

Schools can select from a range of modules to run each year for eight weeks. Module topics include resilience, relationships, optimism, values, influence and integrity, and anti-bullying.

New schools can join Peer Support from as low as $1,100 (incl GST), which includes a 12-month program licence, access to all program resources and 3-year accreditation for one teacher.

The annual renewal fee is currently $275 (incl GST).

5 steps to implement the program at your school

Here are the steps to become a Peer Support school.

Step 1: Register online and book into a workshop

Register your school using our online booking form. You will be asked to reserve your place at our two-hour online workshop. These are delivered regularly over the year. 

You also have the option of upgrading to a one-day workshop delivered face-to-face for an additional $220 (incl GST). 

You can also book in additional teachers for $330 (incl GST) per teacher (online) or $550 (incl GST) (face-to-face). We strongly recommend new schools train more than one teacher to better embed Peer Support into your school culture.

This training is valid for three years, meaning your Peer Support Coordinator will be accredited to implement and run the program for three years at any Peer Support member school.

Step 2: Complete your payment

You can pay online or request an invoice. Once we receive your payment, you will gain access to the members’ dashboard with all the resources to plan and run the program.

Step 3: Login

You will receive an email with your membership login details once you have registered and paid for your membership. This means you can login to this website and access the members’ dashboard. This houses the resources you need to plan, implement and run the program.

Your membership licence is valid for 12-months, and you will be given the opportunity to renew it before it expires. You can see the renewal date in the members’ dashboard — and we will remind you know when your annual licence renewal is due.

Step 4: Attend training

The teacher or teachers who are responsible for the program at your school – your Peer Support Coordinators – attends a Peer Support Implementation Workshop. They will learn everything they need to know to implement and run the program during the two-hour workshop, which is interactive and informative. 

There’s an option to upgrade to a one-day face-to-face workshop. This is a more comprehensive training with opportunities to collaborate with other teachers, and have individual planning time with our Peer Support consultant. We recommend this option if there is a workshop located near you.

You will select a workshop date when you register. Consider including two or more teachers in your training, as this helps create a strong Peer Support culture at your school.

Step 5: Implement and run the program

You’re ready to go. Our Wellbeing Education Consultants are only a phone call or email away. They can provide you all the support you need to confidently implement the program in your school. Now you just need to decide the finer details of your program, such as which module to run, when to run it, and how to group your students.

You will be invited to renew your membership before it’s due to expire in 12 months.

The annual renewal fee is currently $275 (incl GST).

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