About the Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program builds strong relationships, empowers students, nurtures a sense of belonging, and fosters an anti-bullying culture.

a set of primary school age children sitting and talking about the peer support program

Peer Support at primary school

Build strong connections across your whole school community.

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Peer Support at high school

Empower senior students to help Year 7 students thrive at high school.

Support student wellbeing across the whole school

The Peer Support Program is a whole-of-school student wellbeing program available to schools across Australia.

The program involves senior students being trained as Peer Leaders, and leading small groups of younger students in weekly structured sessions.

Peer Support is supported by 50 years of practise and research. And our program is endorsed by state education departments.

Becoming a Peer Support school is simple

Interested in running Peer Support at your school? We provide the training and resources to plan and run the program.

Schools see exponential benefits as students develop and reinforce positive peer connections and emotional social literacy skills every year.

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Take a sneak peek at our program resources

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Peer Leader training is for every student.

Peer Leader training: An opportunity to empower all students

Peer Support provides a leadership model that includes all students.

Enjoy fun wellbeing activities for students

6 fun wellbeing activities for primary school students

Check out these free worksheets for primary school students.

Teacher burnout as a teacher corrects papers in an empty classroom

Investing in educator wellbeing can stop teacher burnout

Researchers at UNSW share their findings into preventing teacher burnout.