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Create a positive school culture with the Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program is our flagship program. It provides an opportunity for senior students to lead small groups of younger students in structured weekly sessions.

The program runs over eight weeks, usually in Term 1, and schools can select from a range of modules, including resilience, relationships, optimism, and anti-bullying. We provide the training, resources and support needed to implement and run the program.

The program is available to both primary and secondary schools, including government, independent and Catholic schools. Our program is popular with schools across Australia. Many report that their students have better relationships, an increase sense of personal responsibility and agency, and a greater feeling of belonging.

The Peer Support Program offers many benefits

The Peer Support Program is a universal, whole-of-school approach to preventative mental health and wellbeing. It equips kids and young people with the skills and tools to build strong relationships and better manage life’s ups and downs.

The first iteration of the Peer Support Program was developed more than 50 years ago, and has since evolved to its current format, using an approach supported by evidence.

Deakin University reviewed research into our program, and found that:

  • 69% of younger students who participated in the Peer Support Program reported greater feelings of acceptance and inclusion.
  • 80% of Peer Leaders felt they experienced personal growth, 82% felt they improved their leadership skills, and 89% improved their confidence.

How can the Peer Support Program impact a school community?

Our program can be transformative for some students, especially those who step up into leadership roles. But it also supports younger students feel a strong connection to peers and engagement with school.

Watch students and teachers at a school in Western Sydney talk about how the Peer Support Program has supported their school community.

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