The Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program is a whole-of-school student wellbeing program available to primary schools and high schools across Australia. It’s supported by research and 50 years of practice.

The program fosters students’ wellbeing by nurturing peer relationships, empowering students to take on leadership roles, and enabling all students to learn and practice transferable life skills that will support their mental health and wellbeing now and into the future.

The Peer Support Program covers a range of social and emotional skills and wellbeing topics

Schools can select from a range of modules to run with their students over the 8-week program. Topics include resilience, relationships, optimism, and anti-bullying. And there are additional resources and activities to reinforce the program and nurture peer relationships that you can run any time with your students.

Kids sit around a table engaged in the Peer Support Program

Watch the Peer Support Program in action

Primary school students and teachers from Oxley Park Public School share their experiences of the program at their school.

We also spoke to students and teachers at Mamre Anglican College, a high school in Western Sydney, about how the program has impacted their school.

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