Peer Support TV

Peer Support TV

Watch students, teachers, experts and Peer Support staff discuss student wellbeing topics.

Peer Support Program

What is Peer Support

What is Peer Support?

Teachers and students discuss their experiences of the Peer Support Program.

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Information Webinar on the Peer Support Program (March 2024)

Presented by Sophie Sedgwick, a wellbeing and education expert at Peer Support Australia.

Peer Support at Primary School

Peer Support at Primary School

Students and teachers at Oxley Park Public tell how Peer Support has supported their school.

Peer Support at High School

Peer Support at High School

Learn how Mamre Anglican College fosters a positive school culture.

Peer Support inn Regional Schools

Peer Support at a Regional School

Regional schools benefit from learning confidence, leadership, and being a kind friend.

Starting High School 

transition to secondary school

How Peer Support supports Year 7 students

Help students transition into secondary school and build new relationships.

Preparing for High School

Preparing your Year 6 students for high school

Equip Year 6 students with skills that will help them in high school.

Supporting Year 6 and Year 7 students in the transition period

Webinar: Supporting Year 6 and Year 7 students in the transition period

Supporting Year 6 and Year 7 students in the transition period.

Student Wellbeing 

Student leadership

Student leadership: What it means to be a Peer Leader

Opportunities for all Year 6 students to be a student leader.

positive thinking

Positive thinking: How Peer Support fosters positive thinking

Positive thinking helping to develop resilience and optimism.

keeping friends

Friendship skills: Building better relationships with Peer Support

Learning valuable relationship skills in our Keeping Friends module.

From the Archives 

primary school experiences

Primary school students discuss their experiences with Peer Support (2009)

Students reflect on starting primary school, and the Peer Support Program.

teachers discuss Peer Support

Teachers discuss Peer Support at their primary school (2009)

Teachers discuss the challenges they face and how Peer Support Australia helps.

high school experience

Year 7 students discuss how Peer Support helped with starting high school (2009)

Students discuss how Peer Support helps the transition to high school.

High School Transition

High school teachers discuss how Peer Support helps high school transition (2009)

Teachers talk about the challenges that come with starting high school, and how Peer Support helps.

Mitchell shares his experience

Mitchell shares his Peer Leader story (2009)

High school student, Mitchell, discusses his early days at high school.

Peer Support helping with mental health

Experts discuss the challenges that young people face (2009)

Spokespeople from different mental health groups share their insights into the issues effecting young people.