Parents and carers

Parents and carers

Get more information and resources on how parents and carers can better support their child as they navigate their early life.

build resilience in children

How to build resilience in children: 8 tips for parents and carers

How can we prepare our kids to better face and recover from challenges?

connversation starters for kids

20 conversation starters for kids to use as a family

Check out our conversation starters for kids, designed to help families connect.

conversations with your kids

12 tips for having better conversations with your kids

Open and meaningful conversations are a great way to foster a strong relationship.

Peer Support

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support equips students with the skills to build strong relationships and positively navigate life.

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Our info pack covers everything you need to know about the Peer Support Program.

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We provide webinars on topics related to students’ mental health and wellbeing.