About us

Peer Support Australia is a national not-for-profit that supports schools to build student mental health and wellbeing via our Peer Support Program and other services.

Our program has has been delivered in thousands of schools nationally, positively impacting generations of young people, for more than 50 years.

Healthier relationships, positive school culture and improved student wellbeing is cultivated by:

  • providing students with social and emotional knowledge and skills.
  • supporting teachers to value student voice; and involve students in decisions about their school and learning.
  • partnering with parents to develop a shared language for guiding students through emotional responses and interactions with others.
About Peer Support

Our Vision

Through wellbeing all Australian students reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Building on 50 years of experience we work with school communities, placing students at the centre of their learning, empowering them with wellbeing skills and strategies to navigate life.

Our Values



We treat people with dignity and value their contribution.



At all times we are real, acting honestly with respect and integrity.



We show leadership by taking personal responsibility and accountability for our actions and outcomes.



We promote inclusive practices through understanding, empathy, compassion, hospitality and generosity.



We are curious, adventurous, passionate, yet reflective. We embrace change.

Peer Support is supported by NSW Ministry of Health.

NSW Government Health

We’re endorsed by Education Departments

The Peer Support Program is a preferred NSW Department of Education provider of wellbeing programs for both resilience and sense of belonging. We are an endorsed program on the SA Department for Education External Wellbeing Programs Directory. And our professional learning has been accredited by the ACT Teacher Quality Institute.

Peer Support's anti-bullying module for primary schools