High School Resources

High School Resources

The Peer Support Program offers high school resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of your students. 

Boost student wellbeing with Peer Support

Looking for wellbeing activities for your high school students? The Peer Support Program offers high school resources that empower senior students to become leaders, and younger students to feel a sense of belonging at school. The high school resources have been designed for Year 10 students to lead groups of Year 7 students. However, some schools use the resources with other year groups too.

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Best Version Of Me

Support students in their journey of growth and self-discovery. This module helps students better understand themselves and others.

Rethinking challenges

Rethinking Challenges

Help students better navigate life’s challenges. This module develops critical thinking, optimism, communication, perserverance and empathy.

High School Transition

High school teachers discuss how Peer Support helps high school transition (2009)

Teachers talk about the challenges that come with starting high school, and how Peer Support helps.

high school experience

Year 7 students discuss how Peer Support helped with starting high school (2009)

Students discuss how Peer Support helps the transition to high school.

keeping friends

Friendship skills: Building better relationships with Peer Support

Learning valuable relationship skills in our Keeping Friends module.

positive thinking

Positive thinking: How Peer Support fosters positive thinking

Positive thinking helping to develop resilience and optimism.

Student leadership

Student leadership: What it means to be a Peer Leader

Opportunities for all Year 6 students to be a student leader.

Peer Leader training is for every student.

Peer Leader training: An opportunity to empower all students

Peer Support provides a leadership model that includes all students.

Enjoy fun wellbeing activities for students

6 fun wellbeing activities for primary school students

Check out these free worksheets for primary school students.

Teacher burnout as a teacher corrects papers in an empty classroom

Investing in educator wellbeing can stop teacher burnout

Researchers at UNSW share their findings into preventing teacher burnout.

student leadership opportunities

7 ideas for creating student leadership opportunities at your school

Help your students develop leadership skills by offering different roles.

student representative council ideas

Student Representative Council: 8 ideas to engage your student voice

Set up your SRC members to feel equipped and empowered to be leaders.

how to teach resilience in the classroom

How to teach resilience in the classroom: 7 primary school activities

Check out these 7 activities for our primary school members to run in class.