Wellbeing activities for high school students

Looking for wellbeing activities for your high school students? The Peer Support Program offers high school resources that empower senior students to become leaders, and younger students to feel a sense of belonging at school.

Member schools can access the Peer Support Program and supplementary resources via our online portal.

If you’re new to the Peer Support Program, register your school to gain access to our high school resources.

When you join Peer Support, you will get access to digital resources that, alongside attending training, will enable you to implement and run the program at your school.

Our high school resources include a Peer Support Program manual, Peer Leader training, practice sessions, module materials, certificates, communication templates, and supplementary activities and resources.

Set your Year 7 students up for success, build leadership capacity, and empower your senior students

The high school resources have been designed for Year 10 students to lead groups of Year 7 students. However, some schools use the resources with other year groups too.

Program resources include two core modules:

  • Strengthening connections: Creating an anti-bullying culture
  • Rethinking challenges: Building resilience

A new module, Best version of me, is coming out later this year. Students explore values and integrity over the 8-week period.

Wellbeing activities for high school students: A group of students are smiling at the camera

Access a range of evidence-based wellbeing activities for high school students

Other high school resources include:

  • Starting high school: An orientation framework to support the transition to high school.
  • Linking to thrive: Activities for building strong relationships.
  • Thrive: Managing change and transition.
  • Connected and capable: Supporting resilience.

Get in touch with us for more details, or a sneak peak, at our resources.

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