Enjoy fun wellbeing activities for students

6 fun wellbeing activities for primary school students

Looking for some simple and fun wellbeing activities for primary school students? We created these free worksheets for teachers to use with their primary school students in class.

A coping tools checklist for primary school students

This worksheet lists 14 ways students can manage feelings of stress and anxiety. Ideas include jumping on the trampoline, practicing slow breathing, and playing with a pet. Students can add their own ideas too.

Students refer to the list and tick off the ones they try out. You might like to discuss the approaches with the class too. What ideas do they like? How do they feel when they play with their dog? What other things make them feel calm or happy?

Download the coping tools worksheet.

Play a game of chatterbox

This worksheet has the outline of a box that students can cut out and assemble to create a large die. They roll the die to reveal a question. How were you kind today? What would you do with $100? The activity is a great way for students to connect with each other while having fun.

Students could also make their own chatterboxes from scratch, coming up with their own questions.

Download the chatterbox worksheet.

A 30-day mindfulness challenge for the whole class

Invite students to participate in this 30-day challenge with a different activity to complete each day. Eat something healthy. Compliment a teacher. Listen to music. The list goes on. Each challenge is designed to support student wellbeing.

You could invite students to discuss each challenge. What did they like about it? Did they find it tricky? Which activity did they like best?

Download the mindfulness challenge.

Get to know each other with ‘roll and tell’

Roll a die and ask students the question next to the corresponding number on the worksheet. It’s similar to the chatterbox game, but without the craft element. Questions include, ‘If you were a teacher, what would you teach? What would you do to make your class fun?’ and, ‘If you could have a superpower, what would it be?’

Conversations are a great way to help students connect with each other, have fun, and create a feeling of belonging in class.

Download the ‘roll and tell’ worksheet.

Nurture feel-good emotions with tic-tac-toe

This worksheet asks students to choose three activities from a list of nine. They cross off three in a row – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Options include listing five gratitudes and performing a random act of kindness in class.

You could reflect on the activity with students. How did they feel while doing these activities? Would they like to do them again?

Download the tic-tac-toe worksheet.

Help students identify different emotions

How are you feeling? Happy? Calm? Angry? Help students identify different emotions with this word scramble. You might also like to start a conversation about each feeling. Help students identify times they may have experienced different emotions. They may also like to think about other people’s feelings too. How can you tell when someone is feeling sad? What can you do when someone you love is feeling sad?  

Download the feelings word scramble.

Looking for more fun wellbeing activities for primary school students?

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