Teacher professional development, consulting and student wellbeing education

We offer tailored student wellbeing education and teacher professional development to meet the needs of individual schools.

Our services include full or half day student wellbeing strategy sessions, student wellbeing talks delivered to your school community – teachers, students and / or parents and carers – and in-school staff training that incorporates the foundations of the Peer Support Program Implementation Workshop.

Build strong foundations for student wellbeing by investing in teacher professional development

Your school will benefit from an approach steeped in the foundations of Peer Support. This is based on four concepts:

  • Connectedness: Connectedness involves the feelings of belonging that a student develops through their relationships with their peers and teachers within the school community.
  • Sense of self: Sense of self involves what students think, feel and believe about themselves. Sense of self is formed by the individual and their relationships, interactions and experiences. It manifests itself in the student’s values, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Resilience: Building resilience involves the empowerment of the student to be positive, proactive and resourceful in dealing with life experiences. Resilient students have the ability to reflect on and learn from their experiences and to creatively turn challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Sense of possibility: A strong sense of possibility involves an awareness and belief that positive outcomes can be achieved in the future. It empowers individuals to take responsibility for enhancing their sense of self, developing and maintaining positive relationships and turning challenges into opportunities. 
Teacher professional development helps teachers build positive relationships with students.

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