Register your school today for this year’s free Talk-And-Walk-A-Thon

Human connection is vital to our mental health. Connectedness is linked to feelings of wellbeing and contributes to a positive school culture.

The Talk-And-Walk-A-Thon is a free opportunity to build connectivity between students, and help develop your students’ conversational skills and self-confidence.

Research has found:

  • Eight out of ten kids turn to their peers in times of need.
  • Students who feel connectedness at school have greater academic outcomes than students who don’t feel a sense of connection.
  • Our sense of connectedness to others is a greater indicator of long-term health outcomes than smoking and obesity.

*If you experience any issue registering, then please email [email protected] and we will happily assist you.*

How does it work?

The event usually runs for 1 – 2 hours on any day and time, as selected by your school. Many schools run their event in October as part of Mental Health Month.

Students from across the school walk in pairs or small groups. At checkpoints along the walk, students are given conversation cards to discuss as they walk to the next point with a new peer or group of peers. The aim is to help students create new connections, and to develop their social skills and confidence.

“Students chatted about a variety of topics, including what they are grateful for, subjects at school, and things that make their mums and dads most proud. There was such positive feedback from students, staff, and parents that we will definitely hold this event again.”

Peta Kapor, Deputy Principal Carcoola Primary School

Plan your event

Register your school
Once you register, we will email you a digital tool kit with everything you need to run your event.

Organise your event
Plan and promote your event using the free resources in the digital toolkit. This includes posters, guides, an event planner, conversation cards, signage and more.

Run your event
Set up your route and checkpoints, where students will swap conversation cards. Start walking and talking. Relax and have fun.