Peer Support Australia acknowledges that parents and caregivers provide critical foundations in the social and emotional health of their children. We are committed to providing parents and caregivers with access to current and evidence based information to help raise children and teens to thrive in an ever-changing world.

How can we help our children and young people respond better to whatever life throws at them? In this video, Andrew Fuller explores what we know about resilience and how we can lay good foundations for resilient responses.

What happens in your brain when you experience anxiety? Where does anxiety come from? In this video Psychologist, Andrew Fuller explores these questions and more.

What is anger and where does it come from? In this video, Psychologist Andrew Fuller answers this question and provides advice to parents on navigating moments of anger and outburst so that the family unit can thrive.
How can you be a neuroarchitect to help your children thrive? How can you help them realise they are smart and how to get smarter?
Psychologist, Andrew Fuller will explain how to do both in this video.
Downloadable parenting tips for raising resilient children.