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Jan 15, 2020| Blog

Tasmanian Student Wellbeing Explored

“A strong sense of wellbeing enables students to explore, experiment and actively engage in their learning environment with confidence and optimism.” The Department of Education Tasmania, as part of the…

Jan 15, 2020| Blog

Best Practice = Best Possible Outcomes

A sense of possibility… what lies beneath and within this thinking has entertained great writers, thinkers and philosophers for centuries. For those in education it can provoke critical questions that…

Jan 15, 2020| Blog

What does the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration say about wellbeing?

The Australian Education Ministers endorsed the newly released Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians in December last year. It builds on previous declarations, in providing…

Jan 15, 2020| Blog

Making Possibilities Real – How We Can Help You

Expanding the ability to recognise their strengths, think optimistically, interact positively and make considered choices are some of the skills which students practise in support of a Sense of Possibility. There…

waters et al
Jan 15, 2020| Blog

Seeing Positive Possibilities is a Skill that Can Be Learned

A strong sense of possibility involves an awareness and belief that positive outcomes can be achieved in the future. It empowers individuals to take responsibility for enhancing their sense of…

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