Jul 19, 2021| Blog

COVID-19 mental health funding package is a short term fix

The Australian and NSW governments COVID-19 mental health support package focuses on short-term solutions, at the cost of long-term prevention.

Jul 12, 2021| Blog

4 ways to help young people stay connected during lockdown

Lockdown is tough, especially for young people when friendships are so important.

Apr 13, 2021| Blog

Media Release

SCHOOL PEER SUPPORT PROGRAMS CAN BUILD AUSTRALIAN STUDENT RESILIENCE IN THE WAKE OF COVID-19 Professor John Toumbourou, Deakin University Chair in Health Psychology said today that ‚Äúthere is an urgent…

Jan 28, 2021| Blog

10 tips for a smooth transition to high school

Transitioning to high school need not be a daunting feat. While preparation is important, trying to script the first days and weeks can prove counter-productive. What we want the experience…

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