Jan 28, 2021| Blog

10 tips for a smooth transition to high school

Transitioning to high school need not be a daunting feat. While preparation is important, trying to script the first days and weeks can prove counter-productive. What we want the experience…

Jan 19, 2021| Blog

‘I’ll do it my way.’ How can we support students through transition…their way?

Moving from a tumultuous school year into weeks of holidays; from holidays into a new school year; from one education setting to the next; or into the big wide world….

Jan 11, 2021| Blog

Training for Transition

The transition from a loaded calendar to seemingly endless free time can recharge or unravel children and young people. So how do you help prevent the latter? Provide Transition Training…

Nov 2, 2020| Blog

Most teachers understand that wellbeing and learning are entwined. The principle objective of Peer Support is to foster student wellbeing by providing a peer network for social and emotional learning…

Oct 19, 2020| Blog

The Value of Confidence

A healthy sense of confidence can contribute to our wellbeing.  Studies exploring mental toughness for example, have examined the nature of confidence, shown the role that it plays in this…

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