Oct 15, 2019| Blog

Peer Support Australia Invited to Work with NSW Drought Affected School Communities

Peer Support Australia had the privilege of being one of the few organisations to join the 88 young delegates to the NSW Youth Drought Summit organised by the NSW Ministry…

Oct 10, 2019| Blog

Celebrating 20 years of Peer Support at Magnetic Island State School

Kacey Constantine, the Principal of Magnetic Island State School, Queensland, understands that “relationships come first” with the students and staff at her school. Situated off the coast of Townsville, Magnetic Island…

Oct 10, 2019| Blog

End of Year Celebrations

Whether your students are graduating from primary or secondary school, the last days of the school year can be exciting, emotional and a cause for celebration. It’s a special time to…

Oct 10, 2019| Blog

Why Celebrate?

Celebrating involves much more than party poppers and cake! It’s also about recognising and affirming achievements. The joy and gratitude that this creates adds depth to the wonderful spirit that…

Oct 9, 2019| Blog

Community Approach to Bullying Prevention in South Australia

We congratulate the South Australian Department for Education on the recent release of its bullying prevention strategy, ‘Connected. A community approach to bullying prevention within the school gates and beyond’…

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