Jan 11, 2021| Blog

Training for Transition

The transition from a loaded calendar to seemingly endless free time can recharge or unravel children and young people. So how do you help prevent the latter? Provide Transition Training…

Nov 2, 2020| Blog

Most teachers understand that wellbeing and learning are entwined. The principle objective of Peer Support is to foster student wellbeing by providing a peer network for social and emotional learning…

Oct 19, 2020| Blog

The Value of Confidence

A healthy sense of confidence can contribute to our wellbeing.  Studies exploring mental toughness for example, have examined the nature of confidence, shown the role that it plays in this…

wellbeing domains
Jan 15, 2020| Blog

Tasmanian Student Wellbeing Explored

“A strong sense of wellbeing enables students to explore, experiment and actively engage in their learning environment with confidence and optimism.” The Department of Education Tasmania, as part of the…

Jan 15, 2020| Blog

Best Practice = Best Possible Outcomes

A sense of possibility… what lies beneath and within this thinking has entertained great writers, thinkers and philosophers for centuries. For those in education it can provoke critical questions that…

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