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Oct 10, 2019| Blog

Why Celebrate?

Celebrating involves much more than party poppers and cake! It’s also about recognising and affirming achievements. The joy and gratitude that this creates adds depth to the wonderful spirit that…

Oct 9, 2019| Blog

Community Approach to Bullying Prevention in South Australia

We congratulate the South Australian Department for Education on the recent release of its bullying prevention strategy, ‘Connected. A community approach to bullying prevention within the school gates and beyond’…

Sep 11, 2019| Blog

Thank You Margaret

St Johns College We specially thank Margaret McNamara from St Johns College in Dubbo NSW, who is retiring from teaching. Ten years ago Margaret implemented the Peer Support Program at her school, to…

Sep 11, 2019| Blog

School Stories: How Does the Peer Support Program Contribute to Students’ Connectedness?

Featured School Stories: photos and comments from Joseph Banks Secondary College, North Kellyville Public School, Busby Public School, Oxley Park Public School, Bourke Street Public School, and St Johns College.

Sep 11, 2019| Blog

Connecting Through the ‘Squirm’

Why Connect? A recent article published by Melbourne University researchers outlines some important aspects of connectedness. A strong sense of connectedness has been shown to contribute to pro-social behaviour, reduced risk-taking…

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