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Jun 25, 2018| Blog


Now is your opportunity to register for one of our Peer Support Implementation Workshops in 2017. These workshops are the starting point for beginning the Peer Support Program, as well…

new school kids
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

Brave New World: Starting School

Starting school is a momentous occasion in children’s lives, and indeed in the lives of parents and school staff. There is a lot of discussion on children’s ‘readiness’ for school,…

tips for peer support program
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

TOP 8 TIPS: For Peer Support Program Implementation

Schools across the country are implementing The Peer Support Program successfully with very positive results. Below are a number of tips to help you implement the Peer Support Program for…

taking stock
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

Taking stock: The importance of reflection for renewal

The beginning of a new year is a time of renewal – renewed ambitions, renewed energies, renewed bonds within our communities, and a renewal of self. As we look ahead…

reflective teaching practise
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

Reflective Teaching Practice

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” “While we cannot learn or be taught to think, we do have to learn to think well, especially…

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