Sep 11, 2019| Blog

Connecting Through the ‘Squirm’

Why Connect? A recent article published by Melbourne University researchers outlines some important aspects of connectedness. A strong sense of connectedness has been shown to contribute to pro-social behaviour, reduced risk-taking…

Jun 13, 2019| Blog

How Leadership Can Help Your Students Flourish

As educators we are aware of the challenges and pressures faced by our students, and reported rising levels of anxiety. High academic expectations, adverse online experiences and fears about the…

people in library
Feb 26, 2019| Blog

Student Voices Matter

Building student voice and supporting student agency is a key focus of the new Australian Student Wellbeing Framework. Authentic student participation is the hallmark of the Peer Support program and…

student with blue hair writing in book
Feb 23, 2019| Blog

Australian students are becoming increasingly disengaged at school – here’s why

Pearl Subban, Monash University Around one in five Australian school students don’t find school engaging, which means they are less likely to learn properly.. It’s an issue that tends to…

Feb 8, 2019| Blog

Dr Helen Street’s “Contextual Wellbeing: Creating Positive Schools From the Inside Out.”

Summer Reading Over summer we’ve enjoyed reading Dr Helen Street’s “Contextual Wellbeing: Creating Positive Schools From the Inside Out.” She considers the social side of wellbeing, which has not necessarily received…

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