wellbeing framework for australian students
Feb 1, 2019| Blog

The Importance of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (ASWF) was launched in October 2018 to update the National Schools Framework of 2011. Encompassing five main elements of Leadership, Inclusion, Student Voice, Partnerships and Support it has…

woman face warped into phone
Feb 1, 2019| Blog

Smartphones Banned in NSW Primary Schools

Last year the NSW Education Minister commissioned an independent review into the non-educational use of mobile digital devices in NSW schools. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, together with Associate Professor Amanda Third and…

solar buddy
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

March 23 2018 Solarbuddy.org and the Solar Light Challenge

Recognising Earth Hour and all forms of positive social impact programs, Peer Support Australia would like you to check out our charity partner Solarbuddy.org, and the work they are doing…

marindas rising star story
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

Marinda’s Rising Star Story

The Peer Support Program has enabled our school to establish a framework for identifying leadership opportunities for our students and improving their ability in managing small teams and designing and coordinating group…

happiness conference hot air balloon
Jun 25, 2018| Blog

Review: Happiness & Its Causes Conference – Implications for Education

Recently, the Peer Support Australia Education Team attended the 11th Happiness & Its Causes Conference to explore the science of happiness and learn about strategies that enhance wellbeing and optimise performance….

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