The Peer Support Program in action
Oct 13, 2022| Blog

4 ways the Peer Support Program boosts student wellbeing 

Are you looking for strategies to rebuild the wellbeing of your students?  The Peer Support Program provides an opportunity to grow student connections, empower students, build resilience, and have fun. …

Sep 5, 2022| Blog Media

Long dark shadow hangs over our kids

By Samantha Brown, CEO at Peer Support Australia As Australia‚Äôs youth mental health crisis continues to wreck families and devastate communities, it is time for decision-makers in this country to…

Bullying in schools can be addressed with the Peer Support Program
Sep 1, 2022| Blog

Bullying in schools: how the Peer Support Program can help

Bullying in schools is a big problem, with long-term repercussions for both victims and perpetrators. Kids who experience bullying are more likely to experience serious mental health issues later in…

Jul 25, 2022| Blog

Build connections at your school with a free Talk-And-Walk-A-Thon 

Last year, more than 250 schools around Australia signed up for the Talk-And-Walk-A-Thon, a free event that encourages students to build peer connections.  Carcoola Primary School in Western Australia ran…

Teacher wellbeing
Jun 20, 2022| Blog

Teacher wellbeing: 5 ways to boost your mental health

How can teachers better care for themselves and their own wellbeing in the midst of such challenging times?

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