Kids need extra support article
Feb 16, 2023| Blog

Kids Need Extra Support

It shouldn’t surprise anybody to learn that kids who don’t feel emotionally at their best don’t perform well in the classroom either. The latest review of the National Schools Reform…

students in school room look up from their desks in a classroom
Feb 13, 2023| Blog

Anxiety and connection at high school

Research suggests one way to prevent depression and anxiety is a strong sense of connection at high school Monika Raniti, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; Divyangana Rakesh, Harvard University, and Susan M…

Peer Support Program at high school
Feb 1, 2023| Blog

5 tips for high schools running the Peer Support Program

Starting high school can be filled with both excitement and nerves for Year 7 students. When young people transition to high school, they are faced with new people, new routines,…

Student Wellbeing Boost: smiling primary school students
Dec 23, 2022| Blog

The Student Wellbeing Boost: what it means for schools

The Student Wellbeing Boost means that every school in Australia will receive federal government funding to put towards student wellbeing. In its most recent Budget announcement, the Australian Government said…

A group of students starting high school
Nov 28, 2022| Blog

Starting high school: how to help students transition smoothly into secondary school

Starting high school is a big deal. You can probably still remember your early days at high school: an unfamiliar environment, new faces, older kids, noise and chaos, timetables, and…

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