January 15, 2020 |Blog

Making Possibilities Real – How We Can Help You


Expanding the ability to recognise their strengths, think optimistically, interact positively and make considered choices are some of the skills which students practise in support of a Sense of Possibility. There are several ways in which Peer Support Australia can help you provide a course of action for your students to develop these.

The Peer Support Program’s Primary modules Living Positively and Moving Forward focus in particular on developing understanding and skills to support a Sense of Possibility, as does the Secondary Program’s Rethinking Challenges module.

Teachers often describe the positive, and sometimes surprising impact on their students of the inclusive and purposeful opportunities for leadership that the Program creates. Students who might not have previously considered themselves as leaders are able to experience the possibilities that arise as part of their involvement.

Similarly, when students have meaningful opportunities to contribute to and shape their community, their belief that positive outcomes can be achieved in the future is enhanced. Teachers interested in developing other student leadership structures are encouraged to contact us to find out more about our SRC Leadership Workshop for Teachers.

We invite you to reflect on and plan how you will help your students to see, create and act on a range of possibilities in 2020.

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