October 15, 2019 |Blog

Peer Support Australia Invited to Work with NSW Drought Affected School Communities

Peer Support Australia had the privilege of being one of the few organisations to join the 88 young delegates to the NSW Youth Drought Summit organised by the NSW Ministry of Health and UNICEF Australia.   

We heard first hand from young people their hopes and struggles described with passion, frustration and even anger as they live with the impact of severe drought in their homes and local communities. Innovative and creative solutions were canvassed. It was a fine example of student voice in action.

Peer Support Australia has been invited to work with many NSW drought affected school communities and more details will be shared shortly. We will be inviting schools from metro, regional and rural areas to join with us in this initiative and will be announcing a new peer-led approach to support our regional and rural friends across drought affected Australian communities.

Get in contact with us for more information.

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