October 10, 2019 |Blog

End of Year Celebrations

Whether your students are graduating from primary or secondary school, the last days of the school year can be exciting, emotional and a cause for celebration. It’s a special time to support your students’ wellbeing, encouraging them to reflect on their learning, celebrate their achievements and the connections made across your school community.

We would love to hear how you plan to celebrate this term. Here are some ideas. 

Supporting Students During Celebration & Holiday Time

Parents and educators have different concerns for young people as they move into the holiday season. There are many useful, age and context specific resources available for them to share with each other to help promote safe behaviour, whether it be celebrating or engaging in daily pedestrian activity. Students, parents and teachers may find partying advice and information such as this (click here) helpful at this time of year.

Students, teachers and parents can find lots of effective activities and advice about road safety, particularly during holiday time, by using this resource: https://www.safetytown.com.au/

Youthsafe has a number of free resources for educators to use with young people, supporting a range of issues including road safety, workplace safety and safer celebrating:

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