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Marinda’s Rising Star Story

marindas rising star story

The Peer Support Program has enabled our school to establish a framework for identifying leadership opportunities for our students and improving their ability in managing small teams and designing and coordinating group tasks.

The Year 11 students who have been involved in the Program underwent an application program which involved them identifying their own goals for being involved in the Program, which needed to be endorsed by both their parents and a teacher.

The Peer Support leaders have assisted in the transition of Year 6 students into Year 7 through leading orientation day activities and implementing the Program every fortnight. Peer Leaders will also be working with the primary school students to teach the Year 6 students about our Anti-Bullying Program, as well as assisting with hosting parents during our Year 7 information sessions.

Our Year 7 students have integrated smoothly into the culture of Macquarie Fields HS due to the intensive support from our Peer Leaders. The Peer Support Program is an integral part of the transition process as well as enabling senior students to take on a range of leadership positions in our community.

In the future, Peer Leaders will be utilising their leadership skills to mentor junior students in a more intensive one-on-one program.

The Peer Support Program has also enabled our school to offer leadership opportunities to a wide range of senior students whilst creating a supportive environment for our junior students. The experience has been positive for both students and teachers alike.

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