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Now is your opportunity to register for one of our Peer Support Implementation Workshops in 2017. These workshops are the starting point for beginning the Peer Support Program, as well as for essential retraining or bolstering the numbers of trained staff at your school.

The Peer Support Program is a universal evidence-based health promotion program. Hundreds of schools across Australia use the Peer Support Program to inform positive cultural change. Schools using the program report improvement of student-to-student relationships, improved competence and confidence in students and that students feel a greater connection and sense of belonging to their school – the program empowers.

There are specialised programs for both primary and secondary schools, which foster invaluable skills in leadership, communication and empathy and improve the social and emotional wellbeing of students. The Peer Support Program’s distinctive peer led focus, which is enabled by a supportive school staff community, empowers young people and increases their sense of connectedness, self-efficacy and support.

Be sure to read the brochure and discover more about workshops, our range of resources and discover how the Peer Support Program can become part of your school’s approach to enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of your students.

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