Benefits of a Peer Support membership

The benefits of a Peer Support membership include a license to use our program and resources for 12 months. The membership includes access to our online portal with unlimited use of all resources. 

If someone from your school has attended an Implementation Workshop in the last 3 years, your school will need to purchase membership to implement the Peer Support Program.

Membership provides all your needs to implement a successful Peer Support Program as well access to other regularly updated information on supporting the wellbeing of all students, teachers, parents and carers.

Membership provides the ability to download the Peer Support Modules, access Peer Leader certificates, user guides and video content as well as capacity to purchase celebration items such as badges and pens.

Membership is only $140 + GST per year and invoiced to the school; renewed annually to retain connection to Peer Support Australia support and resources.

The main benefits of Peer Support membership

A membership entitles you to:

  • A 12-month license for a Peer Support trained teacher to coordinate the program in your school.
  • Unlimited use of our online portal and its resources for the duration of your membership. This includes downloadable modules, user guides, video content, Peer Leader training manuals, and a range of templates including Peer Leader certificates and letters for parents.
  • Access to our online shop where you can buy Peer Leader badges
  • Advice and support from our Wellbeing Education Consultants as needed.

What resources does membership give my school? 

You will get access to a range of digital resources, including:

  • Orientation modules (primary and secondary)
  • User guides and videos
  • Certificates for Peer Leaders and group members
  • Peer Leader training materials
  • Newsletter articles
  • Parent information
  • Peer-led resources focusing on optimism, values, resilience, relationships and anti-bullying.

Membership $140 / Year

(price excludes GST)
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For any questions about becoming a member please call 1300 579 963 or email us using our contact form.