Member schools have online access to all the resources needed to run the Peer Support Program, including community awareness raising videos, planning and evaluation tools, student leadership training materials,  introductory sessions, high school orientation materials, wellbeing modules and other activities for flexible learning modes. 

Primary Peer Support Program Modules  

Each module comprises 8 x 30 minute sessions for Peer Leaders to facilitate with their younger peers, plus support materials.

Optimism – Promoting optimism in students, and the ability to use their personal strengths to feel more positive and capable.  
Resilience – Cultivating resilience in students by exploring protective factors and strategies used in new and changing situations.  
Relationships – Exploring the skills and attitudes necessary to maintain friendships and positively interact with others. 
Anti-bullying – Building on students’ capacity to prevent and respond to unhelpful and unhealthy behaviours.

Secondary Peer Support Program Modules  

Each module comprises 8 x 40 minute sessions for Peer Leaders to facilitate with their younger peers, plus support materials. 

Resilience – Focusing on the influence our thoughts have on the way we view experiences and supporting students to learn and practise strategies to enable growth. 
Anti-bullying – Promoting a strengths-based approach to reduce harmful behaviours and develop strategies to strengthen and repair relationships.  
Influence & Integrity –providing students with opportunities to consider factors influencing individuals and communities, and how they can communicate and act as respectful people of integrity. * Coming Soon!

Additional resources for Primary & Secondary students

  • Transition & Change – 4 session mini-module supporting students with strategies to understand and manage change and uncertainty. 
  • Flexible resources – wellbeing activities for use in various modes including remote learning.  These address concepts and strategies including optimistic thinking, positive relationships, connectedness and resilience.     
  • Celebration items including certificates and badges can be ordered through the member resource portal.