Training for Transition

The transition from a loaded calendar to seemingly endless free time can recharge or unravel children and young people. So how do you help prevent the latter?

Provide Transition Training throughout the year, minimising the impact of the pause in scheduled activity or the cessation of location variation.

Give these training exercises a go:

  1. Maintain some traditions or routines all year round. Start some traditions specific to holiday time too.

  2. Provide opportunities to connect with school friends.

  3. Leave some time in the term time scheduling for boredom. Help younger children to identify what boredom feels like and ways for them to engage in activities on their own.
  4. Encourage children to start a new project or learn a new skill in the home or local community throughout the year so they are not dependent on the organised activities of others to be entertained.

  5. Identify and celebrate strengths and skills that are not linked to school-work or extra-curricular activities. This way children feel they can still achieve and thrive outside of the school environment