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Implementation Workshop Price: $575.00 Plus GST School Level: Secondary Location: Livepool, NSW Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014
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  • Peer Support Australia is extremely proud to welcome our Vice Regal Patron, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Consgrove AK MC (Retd).

    - His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)

  • Peer Support programs provide young Australians with proven and practical strategies that help them build resilience and ultimately, live better lives. I’m so proud to be an Ambassador for this great work.

    - Dr Tim Sharp, psychologist and ‘Chief Happiness Officer’

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  • Narromine PS, NSW

    “Throughout term two all students from Kindergarten to year six participated in an hour-long peer support session each Thursday. Peer Support is a highly valued program aimed at building student leadership, mentoring opportunities and fostering a greater sense of whole school community. This term the students completed a range of engaging activities to develop their understanding of resilience, friendship and respect.” – Narromine News

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  • Tim Sharp

    Dr Happy joins as Ambassador

    On 12th June 2013, Dr Tim Sharp, Chief Happiness Officer, The Happiness Institute, Executive Coach & Clinical Psychologist, Consultant & Speaker, Adjunct Professor (UTS Business School & RMIT School of Health Sciences), accepted an invitation to become an Ambassador of Peer Support Australia. Tim supports Peer Support Australia’s vision to develop in young people a sense of personal responsibility for their own wellbeing, with the support of their peers and an informed and skilled community. Tim is one of Australia’s leaders in positive psychology and happiness.

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  • Testimonial

    Scotch Oakburn College, Tasmania

    “We have a very strong peer support program, with Year 10 students mentoring Year 7’s. The Year 7 students consistently identify the Peer Support Program as a highlight of their smooth transition into Middle School. The connections they make with older students helps them to enhance their sense of belonging and provides reassurance, knowing that older students are keenly looking out for them. This support provides significant leadership and service opportunities for our Year 10 students.” – Scotch Oakburn College, Tas

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  • Testimonial

    T. MacMichael, Wynyard High School, Tas

    “The Peer Support Program has been running at Wynyard High School for several years. (It) has been an intricate part of the school curriculum during a calendar year. Wynyard High School ensures that the Peer Support Program is a priority, as it is given dedicated time and planning, has a dedicated budget and resources and always has the support of staff and students.” – Wynyard HS, Tas

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  • Students

    Staff, St Joseph’s HS Port Macquarie

    “We have had a very successful year with Peer Support. This year we moved into a new phase of its development and it has proved to be a big success in achieving its aims. This year we focused on ‘bullying’ in the school and the results in the yard have been very encouraging. The level of violence and bullying which have become apparent to teachers seems to be on the decrease as we strive to make our school a safe and welcoming place for all who come here.” – Staff, St Joseph’s HS Port Macquarie

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  • Testimonial

    Dr Louise Ellis, The University of Sydney

    “The self-confidence of those taking part in the (Peer Support) program increased significantly, as did their enjoyment of school, their relations with other peers and their perception of support from those around them. There were also positive benefits for cooperative teamwork and the students’ academic self-concept.”

    “But most importantly,” says Dr Ellis, “the Peer Support Program successfully changed attitudes to bullying.”


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  • Testimonial

    Nikki, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Alice Springs

    “Our students love the program. We are running it with our Year 11s and Year 9s. When we have the students come in for two days to do the Peer Support Training (Year 11) they initially are not enthusiastic at all. By the end of the first day they can’t wait for day two. It is brilliant and I’m glad we’re doing it with the children.” – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College , Alice Springs


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  • K. James, Campbellfield PS

    “What I love watching during Peer Support are the students who are not the typical leaders, who are shy or just quiet and don’t stand out in a standard classroom setting, suddenly bloom in the Peer Support role. They are often as surprised as us, if not more so, to know they are doing such a great job.” – Campbellfield PS

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  • students

    Secondary Teacher

    “My experience with The Peer Support Program has been very positive. It has been gratifying to see the Peer Leaders take on the leadership mantle… The Peer Support Program is a worthwhile inclusion because it supports and enhances many of the values we espouse and contributes to improved relationships.” – Secondary teacher

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  • students

    Year 10 Peer Leader

    “One of my favourite experiences was helping the Year 7 students settle into high school. When they were worried about anything I was able to help them. It was such a great thing to see them smiling and enjoying themselves.” – Year 10 Peer Leader