Stronger Together:

The effects of bullying behaviours are detrimental to mental health and wellbeing. A proactive approach to identifying, preventing and responding to bullying, while also actively promoting healthy relationships in students, supports a positive school culture and community.

Peer Support Australia recognises that all members of the school community can play a role in reducing the incidence of harmful behaviours. Building on students capacity to prevent and respond to bullying, as well as drawing on positive psychology principles such as fostering strengths, gratitude, respect and kindness in students, helps develop protective factors and strengthens relationships across the school.

Stronger Together focuses on:

  • fostering individuals strengths
  • enhancing social and emotional skills
  • contributing to a positive school community and culture
  • students ability to identify bullying and other harmful behaviour
  • outlining strategies to respond to bulling and other harmful behaviours
  • encouraging students to report and intervene in bullying and harmful behaviour
  • safer online communities.

It is assumed that this modules is not stand-alone in promoting pro-social behaviours or addressing bullying behaviours. This module is designed to support the review and development of active policies, procedures and initiatives put in place by individual schools. It is only with a coordinated and collaborative approach that safe and positive environments can be created to benefit everyone.

Please note:
Primary schools looking to implement Peer Support Program Modules for the first time require:

  • current school membership
  • the Primary Manual
  • a primary Module
  • a school representative to be trained at an Implementation Workshop within the last five years.

If you are unsure if your school meets these requirements, please contact us on 1300 579 963.