Promoting Harmony:

Values are the important ideals and beliefs influencing our decisions and behaviours. They provide a framework to guide us in our interactions with others and strengthen our sense of self. Our values define who we are, as well as give purpose and meaning to our lives

As values education is essential in fostering positive relationships and improving student wellbeing, the responsibility of teaching values rests with schools in as much as it does with parents.

School communities are significant environments for the socialisation of students into meaningful members of society. Schools use values education to build students’ social skills, resilience and sense of responsibility. Key outcomes include empowering students to take risks within safe boundaries and encouraging active participation in the school community.

Promoting Harmony explores individual and community values used in building relationships and improving decision making skills. A key element of Promoting Harmony is encouraging students to identify and accept differences amongst people, as well as demonstrate care for others.

  • identifying personal and community values
  • demonstrating how to show respect for self and others
  • identifying how responsibilities change over time
  • appreciating the need for diversity and inclusivity
  • recognising our choices reflect our values
  • discussing ways of serving the community.

Please note:
Primary schools looking to implement Peer Support Program Modules for the first time require:

  • current school membership
  • the Primary Manual
  • a primary Module
  • a school representative to be trained at an Implementation Workshop within the last five years.

If you are unsure if your school meets these requirements, please contact us on 1300 579 963.