Living Positively:

Optimism is living with a positive attitude. This enables us to lead meaningful lives with purpose and direction. We are living positively when we are grateful for everything we have, use our strengths and are engaged in activities.

Positive emotions include confidence, hope and optimism. These enable students to counter negative emotions, manage periods of stress, increase concentration, focus on work output and improve physical health. Positive emotions provide an element of perspective when reflecting on past experiences, an enjoyment of the present and a sense of possibility when contemplating the future.

Living Positively promotes optimism in students, and the ability to use their personal strengths to feel happier and more fulfilled. The module focuses on students curiosity, kindness, and teamwork to engage in enjoyable activities and show gratitude to others.

A three step model highlights the process students may use to develop the skills of optimism.

I LAUGH: Activities I enjoy

I LIVE: My strengths

I LOVE: Showing appreciation

Living Positively focuses on:

  • identifying and using personal strengths
  • enjoying life by engaging in activities
  • practicing positive self talk
  • developing coping strategies
  • demonstrating perseverance
  • working towards their goal
  • developing resilience
  • demonstrating gratitude.

Please note:
Primary schools looking to implement Peer Support Program Modules for the first time require:

  • current school membership
  • the Primary Manual
  • a primary Module
  • a school representative to be trained at an Implementation Workshop within the last five years.

If you are unsure if your school meets these requirements, please contact us on 1300 579 963.