Keeping Friends:

Relationships are a significant contributor to positive mental health. The ability to initiate and maintain satisfying relationships leads to greater social competence.

Positive relationships with others are a significant contributor to positive mental health. Maintaining positive relationships with others provides a degree of protection in difficult circumstances. Friends provide added security to try something new and solve difficult problems. More importantly, they are vital to the process of having fun. Friends can share high points and they provide support in difficult times. Strong friendships, regardless of the quantity, are a contributor to building resilience amongst both the young and old.

Keeping Friends is based on the concept friendship skills can be learned in a mutually supportive environment. This module develops the skills and attitudes necessary to maintain friendships and interact with others positively.

Keeping Friends focuses on:

  • identifing qualities of friends
  • broadening friendship base
  • recognising the importance of friendship
  • becoming more welcoming of others
  • engaging in positive play.

Please note:
Primary schools looking to implement Peer Support Program Modules for the first time require:

  • current school membership
  • the Primary Manual
  • a primary Module
  • a school representative to be trained at an Implementation workshop within the last five years.

If you are unsure if your school meets these requirements, please contact us on 1300 579 963.