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Parents and caregivers in and around Broken Hill are invited to build up their children’s resilience and wellbeing.

Peer Support Australia are excited to present Andrew Fuller in Broken Hill this December.

Andrew Fuller is a leading clinical psychologist in Australia, specialising in the wellbeing of young people and their families. He is well renowned for his high-spirited approach to tackling the causes of anxiety, depression and stress in children. His simple methods for approaching these challenges leave parents and caregivers satisfied to know how simple it is with the skills to increase and sustain their child’s resilience, relationship skills, and overall happiness.

You will leave this event with strategies that will help you nurture home resilience, maintain positive relationships, resolve conflicts, build family networks and more.

The informative evening will end with a Q&A session, giving you the chance to raise specific questions and concerns for Andrew to offer his expertise.

Due to limited space, those looking to attend the evening are encouraged to register today.

We look forward to seeing you for this wonderful night!