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Get Involved in the TALK-AND-WALK-A-THON this October!

This year’s National Peer Support Day is all about promoting connectedness between your students and strengthening the relationships within your School through a Talk-and Walk-a-Thon.

The Talk-and Walk-a-Thon is run in your School, by your School. You choose the date, time, length and level of engagement that works for your School.

We encourage you to participate in any capacity you can. A whole school approach is ideal; take this opportunity to build connections across all years and stages. However, if you only have the ability to engage one class/year/stage, that’s great too!

This is a great opportunity for students to not only engage in physical activity but also to engage in discussions and build connections with their fellow students.

Register your School now to receive a Talk-and-Walk-a-Thon Toolkit. The toolkit contains everything you will need to organise a Talk-and Walk-a-Thon in your School.