Community Approach to Bullying Prevention in South Australia

We congratulate the South Australian Department for Education on the recent release of its bullying prevention strategy, ‘Connected. A community approach to bullying prevention within the school gates and beyond’

The Peer Support Program is a student led initiative that neatly supports the bullying prevention strategy. 

Based on research and consultation, the strategy is underpinned by the knowledge that rather than being a problem of individuals, bullying is a social and relational concern. “Bullying is more likely to occur where the relationships are weakened between a child and their family, their peers, family friends and community members. Bullying may also be more likely where a child is less involved in social groups, activities and networks.” (p.13)

Respectful relationships are enabled by positive social connections within inclusive, informed communities of active and engaged individuals.

The Peer Support Program is a whole school community approach which provides students with skills to improve problem solving, conflict resolution and resilience. Working collaboratively in a Peer Support group gives young people an experience of positive and inclusive community, where respectful behaviour is modelled by peers, and relationships are strengthened.

Our Program materials have focuses on bullying prevention, positive relationships, optimism, resilience, values and leadership.

There are Peer Support Program Implementation Workshops for teachers scheduled in North Adelaide on Thursday 14 November 2019, and at other venues in South Australia on Wednesday 6 May 2020 and Tuesday 27 October 2020. Workshops are one of the keys to involvement in the Program.

If you would like more information on how the Peer Support Program aligns with ‘Connected, A community approach to bullying prevention within the school gates and beyond’ please contact one of our Wellbeing Education Consultants on 1300 579 963.