About us


Peer Support Australia

For almost 50 years Peer Support Australia has provided essential support to Australian schools to positively impact the wellbeing of children and young people. Healthier relationships, positive school culture and improved student wellbeing can be cultivated by:

  • providing students with Social and Emotional knowledge and skills
  • partnering with parents to develop a shared language for guiding students through emotional responses and interactions with others
  • supporting teachers to value student voice; and involve students in decisions about their school and learning.


‘According to a 2017 meta-analysis from CASEL, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University and the University of British Columbia…up to 18 years later, students exposed to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in school continue to do better than their peers on a number of indicators: positive social behaviours and attitudes, skills such as empathy and teamwork and academics.’[1]

[1] https://casel.org/impact/ (CASEL: SEL impact is long term and global. Cited 2018)


Our vision

Through wellbeing all Australian students reach their full potential.

Our mission

Building on 50 years of experience we continue to work with school communities, placing students at the centre of their learning, empowering them with wellbeing skills and strategies to navigate life.

Our values



Peer Support Australia acknowledges that parents and caregivers provide critical foundations in social and emotional learning, however, once at school, the context for developing and demonstrating this knowledge shifts significantly. A diverse range of social interactions requires students to draw on varied skills and strategies to navigate the complexities of relationships. Rather than being told how to interact with others and being held to account with disciplinary measures, students are encouraged to consider the outcomes they would like to see in their relationships and school environment. Schools who have engaged with Peer Support Australia and utilised our range of diverse products and services have created thriving school environments that nurture students, put them at the centre of their learning and provide them with skills and strategies to navigate life.