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Implementation Workshop Price: $575.00 Plus GST School Level: Secondary Location: Livepool, NSW Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014
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September 18 2014
Sydney Grammar Prep students

The Peer Support Program in action

Sydney Grammar Prep School, St Ives
Each addition of our E newsletter we will showcase how schools are implementing The Peer Support Program. Which will give staff and schools new to coordinating some ideas. This issue
Sydney Grammar Prep, St Ives gives us an insight into how The Program is run at their school.
The Grammar has run PS for just Yr 3 – 6 for the past few years. In 2015 the Prep – Yr 2 students will be joining the main school. Yr 6 teachers very involved in the running of The Peer Support Program and the students all have their own boxes to store their session equipment & resources.

The groups are House based with 7 groups per House. Every staff from the Principal down have groups to supervise. The school Counsellor is assisting with the organisation of groups and combining Kids Matter as the umbrella framework brings in the whole school concept. There is natural follow through into the secondary school where the students are following the Mind Matters /Sensibility framework.
Skills Year 6 Leaders have acquired:

 Leadership
 Organisation
 Social Skills
 Cooperation
 New friends
 Asking for help in playground
 Cooperation

Nicholas Yr 3 – “Happier with group friends & making new friends”
Jason Yr 6 Leader – “Now I know how difficult it is for teachers and I have more empathy. My leadership skills have improved, though Yr 5 is always a challenge!”
Andrew Yr 3 – “Being a better friend, learning how to win nicely.”