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Implementation Workshop Price: $575.00 Plus GST School Level: Secondary Location: Livepool, NSW Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014
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July 19 2016


The Peer Support Program can be an invaluable tool for empowering young people to support each other and contribute positively to society. Schools have reported that there are key elements that drive the success and efficacy of the Peer Support Program. We thought we’d share some of these here with you.

As the Peer Support Program starts up in some Primary Schools across the country this term, here are a few key tips for Implementation.

  • Train your Peer Leaders. Conduct 2 days of Peer Leader training at least a week before the first session.
  • Communicate. Chat with your whole staff about the purpose and benefits of Peer Support (we can come and do this for you).
  • Encourage connections. Mix up established friendships and siblings amongst the groups to ensure new and cross school connections.

Some Secondary schools will begin evaluating this year’s program and preparing to train Peer Leaders in Term 4 ready for 2017.

  • Support your leaders. If training your Peer Leaders in Term 4 to assist with transition, make use of the 90 minute extension session to help dust off the cobwebs at the commencement of Term 1, 2017.
  • Communication is key. Help spread understanding throughout your school, ensuring all have knowledge and ownership of the program. We’ve written materials to help you do this which can be found in your Manual. If you’re not sure where to find these, give us .
  • Model mental health strategies and practices. Acknowledging we experience challenges and demonstrating problem solving strategies and skills like perseverance speak volumes to our students and peers.