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July 01 2015

Beyond Peer Support – Options for Primary Schools

Maintaining connections within and between Peer Support groups after the formal peer led sessions are over can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are many activities already undertaken in schools that could serve as a vehicle for continuing the valuable peer group relationships that have been established.

The continued connection is a very important part of The Peer Support Program as it provides additional support for students year round and encourages positive relationships across the whole school.

What are you doing in your school to continue the benefits of Peer Support?

Here are some ideas that Peer Support Education Consultant Rosemary came up with when speaking to teachers at a local school recently:

First, as part of the conclusion of The Peer Support Program, peer groups can make a list of the ways they can stay in contact beyond the 8 peer led sessions. Who better to map the path forward than the very students who have already started the journey?

Some ideas for extending peer relationships could include:
• Group picnics supervised by Supervising Teachers
• Group party organised by students and supervised by Supervising Teachers
• Games sessions where Peer Leaders can organise additional activities or favourites from the module
• Talent quest featuring peer group performances
• A lunchtime club based on specific needs/ interests
• Taking a relevant topic from Peer Support module and organising a skit for assembly
• Taking responsibility for certain areas of the school or particular pieces of equipment
• Shared interest groups allowing Peer Support groups to mix with other Peer Leaders

Students from Sacred Heart PS


Some environmental tasks Peer groups could organise:
• Vegie Patch
• Chook farms
• Worm Farms
• Scrap buckets – environmental monitors
• Mural Painting relevant to their school culture

Involvement as a Group in special days and celebrations at school:
• Multicultural Day
• Harmony Day
• Carnival/ Sport helpers
• Super Hero Day – Starlight & Leukemia Foundation fundraising where each Peer group takes on a Super Hero theme

Group members could be involved in starting a community project:
• Christmas hampers or visits to the local aged care facility

If you’d like to learn more about The Peer Support Program or share your experiences of implementing and/or extending the Program, please contact us at Peer Support Australia on Phone: 1300 579 963 or Email:

We look forward to hearing from you!