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peer support program


Peer Support Australia provides school communities with an evidence based, peer led approach to enhance the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young people.

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the peer support program

the peer support program:

  • provides students with a supportive learning environment in which to develop the skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve mental wellbeing
  • develops key skills in resilience, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving and leadership

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how does the peer support program work?

  • it empowers young people to support each other and contribute positively to society
  • it develops leadership skills through a 2 day leadership training program

In primary schools, trained Peer leaders work with multi age groups of 8-10 younger students.

In secondary schools, trained Peer leaders work with groups of 8-10 younger students from the entry year group.

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how does the peer support program support other initiatives?

  • it is outcomes based and designed to integrate into school curricula
  • it supports complementary initiatives such as student welfare, pastoral care, MindMatters, KidsMatter, National Safe Schools Framework, National Framework for Values Education, buddy programs and anti-bullying
  • it enhances a positive school culture
  • it emphasising the adoption of a whole school approach to include teachers, parents and students.

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Training for teachers include:

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available modules

primary schools

  • Getting Started - Orientation
  • Keeping Friends - Relationships
  • Living Positively - Optimism
  • Moving Forward - Resilience
  • Promoting Harmony - Values
  • Speaking Up - Anti-bullying

secondary schools

  • Framework for Orientation - Orientation
  • Rethinking Challenges - Resilience
  • Behaving with Integrity - Values
  • Working through Conflict - Anti-bullying

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