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July 08 2015

Conference Wrap Up

Peer Support Australia recently presented a session at the Positive Schools Conferences held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. What a whirlwind tour! We also attended the No2Bullying Conference in Brisbane last month. Here’s a quick wrap up…


Helen Street’s, Positive Schools Conference provides an invaluable collection of expertise and evidence to positively shape education and this years’ conference was no exception. With a crowded curriculum and competing priorities teachers and schools have a mammoth task in providing their students with opportunities for positive, authentic and meaningful learning experiences.

Keynote Speakers encouraged us to question tradition, ask ‘why’ we’re doing ‘what’ we’re doing and to allow solid evidence to shape our practice.

The workshops were a great way to explore the many programs and initiatives available to create positive change. Peer Support Australia had the opportunity to present with Dr Sue Roffey in the Social and Emotional Learning strand. Both presentations explored the concept of building Social Capital in schools. Drawing on her experience as a psychologist and teacher, Dr Roffey focused on empowering students through positive relationships with parents and teachers. We then went on to highlight how the Peer Support Program enables connectedness amongst students to encourage resilience, optimism and acceptance of each other.


The Say No 2 Bullying Conference featured a stream of workshops addressing Social and Emotional Skills. These workshops showcased a range of research which supported the notion developing skills such as empathy, acceptance, resilience, problem solving and critical thinking helped to reduce bullying behaviours and their effects on children and young people.