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June 22 2014

Peer Leaders’ Carnivale

Members of the Peer Support Australia team were thrilled to receive a letter from students at Kinross Wolaroi School, Orange this year. For the third year in a row, the school had generously decided to donate the proceeds of their annual Carnivale to help Peer Support Australia in our mission to improve student wellbeing across Australia.

After completing their Peer Leaders’ Training, Year 5 students were ready to take charge of the end of year, whole school Carnivale event. Students’ skills were put to the test when they had to develop, organise and facilitate all Carnivale activities. For many, it was their first experience of leadership and set them up well for their work as Peer Leaders the following year.

According to deputy principal Tim May, both Carnivale and the Peer Support Program give students a “better understanding of what life can be like as a teacher” but also “develop a culture of inclusivity” across the school. The Program is “part of the school culture” and “teachers only need to look around the playground to see that it is working.”

To ensure all Carnivale activities run smoothly, students must draw on vital skills in communication, organisation and problem solving. While the whole day was reported a success, rumours have it that the Lego Building Competition was particularly popular this year.







Students at Kinross Wolaroi School have been participating in the Program since 2005. Peer Support Australia would like to congratulate them on their commitment and thank them for their generosity.