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Implementation Workshop Price: $575.00 Plus GST School Level: Secondary Location: Livepool, NSW Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014
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May 22 2014

Survey results are in!

In Term 1, 2014 we sought your feedback on future directions for The Peer Support Program. We received 245 surveys back which was a fantastic response. Thanks to all those who participated!

Building positive student relationships remains the key reason many schools decide to implement Peer Support. This is in line with research stating that strong relationships early in life lead to greater happiness and wellbeing well into adulthood.

Time constraints and a crowded curriculum were identified as potential future barriers for some schools. Teachers report being expected to fit an increasing number of outcomes into a curriculum already bursting at the seams. The Peer Support team takes this on board. By continuing to develop programs that can be smoothly integrated into existing school structures and priorities, we’ll ensure the Program remains viable and relevant.

Most schools are not yet using the Peer Support Program to measure outcomes in the Australian Curriculum. However, many expressed interest in doing so in the future. We are currently looking into ways we can support you in this and will keep you posted.

Online training was a big winner in terms of what schools would like us to offer. We’ll never completely replace face to face workshops as they provide valuable networking opportunities and are still preferred by many teachers. However, we are developing additional training options to meet all schools’ preferences and needs.

We were thrilled to hear that for many schools Peer Support is an “integral part of [the] welfare program”. One teacher reported that she would “overcome any obstacles” in order to run it. We’re always impressed by the dedication of the teachers we work with. Peer Support has only been around for 30 years due to the fact that students and schools remain firmly at the centre of what we do.

Here’s a snapshot of the resources and training which is of most interest to teachers. Online training comes out on top and as a result we are moving ahead with plans to incorporate eLearning into our offerings to teachers in the year ahead.