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Implementation Workshop Price: $575.00 Plus GST School Level: Secondary Location: Livepool, NSW Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014
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Sample Costing


1. Affiliate Membership: $140 including gst in first year (renewable annually for $100 per year)

2. Implementation  Workshop: $250 per participant, includes GST (50% discount for an additional participant from the same school attending the same workshop)

3. Primary/Secondary Schools Manual: $100, includes postage & GST

4. One module: $100 per module, includes postage & GST

Total: $590, includes postage & GST


1. Annual membership: $100, includes GST

2. Additional modules: $100 per Module, includes postage & GST. One 8 session module is implemented each year.

It is recommended for Primary schools, where all students in the school participate each year, that a new Module is implemented each year. In the case of Secondary schools, where a new group of students participates each year, it is Ok to use the same Module in subsequent years.

3. Retraining: Schools are required to update their resources and attend an Implementation Workshop at least once every 5 years.