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July 08 2015

New Anti-bullying resource modules & online training for teachers

The Peer Support education team have been busy over the past year developing two new Anti-bullying resource modules. The new modules will replace the previous Anti-bullying modules, ‘Speaking Up’ (primary schools) and ‘Working Through Conflict’ (secondary schools).

In addition, our first online training course for teachers will be launched alongside the new Anti-bullying resources. This online training is designed to give teachers important background information about bullying in schools, including the latest research into bullying and cyberbullying, and provide teachers with the tools to implement the modules as part of their school’s Peer Support Program.

Importantly, teachers undertaking the training will gain an understanding of how to incorporate our unique peer led model into a whole school anti-bullying approach.


What can we expect from the new Anti-bullying resource modules?

The new Peer Support modules for primary and secondary schools combine the best elements of traditional and contemporary approaches to bullying reduction in schools. Victims of bullying, students who bully, and bystanders are all given the skills they need to reduce harmful behaviours. The modules draw on positive psychology principles such as fostering strengths, gratitude and kindness in students. In this way, preventative measures are combined with the skills students need to combat bullying if it does occur. By utilising the powerful peer led format, the students create their own environment in which to thrive.

What will the Anti-bullying training for teachers look like?

The online training will not only look great, it’ll be easy to use. It’s been designd to provide 2 hours of professional development for teachers and can be completed at your leisure, with the only equipment required being a computer or tablet, plus internet connection. There’ll be a good mix of information, presented in a fun, dynamic way, and additional links and resources will be available to download.

Is the training optional?

No, the training is not optional. Teachers are required to complete the Anti-bullying training before implementing the resource module in their school.

Why are teachers required to complete online training prior to implementation?

The aim of the online training is to provide teachers with important background information about the broad issue of bullying in schools and give teachers the tools to ensure the module is implemented with best practice in mind. Importantly, the training also gives an overview of the module contents and tips on effective whole school implementation, where teachers, students and the parent community are involved. The online training replaces the previous 2 hour face to face workshop, ‘Positive Directions in Anti-bullying’.

When can I access training and purchase the new resources?

The new Anti-bullying online training and resource modules will be available for teachers to purchase from Term 4, 2015.

Will there be online training for students?

Not at this stage. The training has been designed specifically for teachers as a preparation tool for implementation of the module.

Can I register my interest now?

Yes, we are accepting requests to purchase the new resources from schools right now. That way, you can be assured you’ll be first on the list to receive your copy. Please place your order online (no payment required until the resources are available).